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Welcome to Spring Ridge Farm

My husband and I started Spring Ridge Farm in 2003 with some cord wood and a few laying hens.   Since then we have added meat birds, turkeys, pigs, sheep, and beef cattle to our farm family. We added baled hay to our operation too. We are passionate about raising animals in a safe, sustainable fashion where the animals enjoy the outdoors and live a good life, without antibiotics or growth hormones. We sell our products at our on farm store, local farmers markets, through our meat CSA, and also to restaurants.  We hope you enjoy our website and come out to try our healthy foods. 



Tricia and Mike May

CORONA Virus update:

Please continue to wear your mask when entering the store if you are not vaccinated.

We will keep the number of people in the store to a minimum for now too.

Please feel free to order ahead via email or phone. 

The store is open Saturdays from 9am to noon. 

Next fresh chicken: end of March

The store is open from 2pm to 5pm on Fridays now!

Lamb is in!

The 2022 CSA programs will be posted in early February.

Stay tuned for information!



Stop by the store on Saturdays from 9-noon or schedule another time to come by!



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Tricia 508-789-0901 or email tricia@springridgefarm.net