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Farm News

January 2020:  New cuts of pork and new sausage flavors will arrive in January to start the year off right.  CSA program is still being planned this month.

Nov 1 and 2:  CSA pick up number 9.  Friday, 3-5pm, Saturday 9am-noon.

August 28:  CSA pick up #6 this weekend.  Friday 3-5pm and Saturday 9am-noon.

March 25:  CSA pick up this weekend.  May 25 9-12

January 27:  The meat CSA for 2019 will be published in mid February!

December 21:  Hams, turkeys, and all other meats are available.  Fresh chicken is available December 22.

Nov 19:  Turkey pick up:  Monday 12-6pm, Tuesday 10am-7pm

October 23:  Turkey pick up times are:  Monday November 19: 12-6pm, Tuesday November 20: 10am-7pm

July 26:  CSA pick ups 5 and 6 will be combined on August 17/18.

June 29:  CSA pick up #3:  Friday, 3-5 pm, Saturday June 30, 9-noon

May 2:  Fresh chicken will be in the store Friday, May 4 from 3-5pm and Saturday, May 5 from 9-noon.  First CSA pick ups are the same times!

April 21:  We have beef, pork, and soon chicken!  The first chickens will be in May 3-5, 2018.  Reservations are recommended.  508-789-0901

Feb16:  We have a full inventory of pork, including 4 flavors of sausage.  Stop by Saturday between 9 and noon or call to make an appointment.  508-789-0901.

Feb 3:  Come get you meat for the Super Bowl!  We have chicken, turkey, and ground beef for all your recipes!  Even a couple legs of lamb! 508-789-0901

December 30:  We have bacon, chicken cuts, turkey cuts and assorted soup bones in stock.  It's time to make some bone broth!

December 13:  Chicken and Christmas turkeys are in!  This is the final poultry batch for this year.  Stock up!  508-789-0901

December 9:  Fresh chicken is in!  Call ahead to arrange for pick up.  508-789-0901.

November 24:  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Thank you for your continued support of our farm!

November 14:  Lamb comes back this week for those who have pre-ordered.  Also, turkey pick ups are Monday from noon to 6pm and Tuesday from 9am-7pm.  And we have fresh veggies again: potatoes, carrots, squash, turnips, onions!  See you all soon!

Nov 10:  Fresh chickens are in!  We have a small number of turkeys available too, but they require reservations.  508-789-0901.

Nov 1:  Next CSA pick up is this weekend, November 4, in the store from 9-noon.  It's lamb time for the CSA, plus the last chickens of the season.

October 14:  CSA pick up today.  Time to order your turkey.  A deposit is required.  Lamb will be in next month.  Preorders are required. 

Sept 19:  Fresh chicken September 20-23.  Available at the markets and in the store.

Sept 8:  Fresh chicken in the store until Sept 9!

June 20:  Next meat CSA pick up is Saturday, June 24, from 9am-noon.  Fresh chickens are in starting June 22!

May 22:  Next meat CSA pick up is Saturday, May 27, from 9-noon.

April 11:  Fresh chickens will be available May 4-6.  Call ahead to reserve from the first batch of the year!  508-789-0901

March 26:  We have a great assortment of pork in stock and we have a few shares still available in our meat CSA.

February 19:  Our meat CSA program is accepting new members for the 2017 season!  Click the CSA tab for more information.


~ Individual cuts of meat from our farm raised pork will be available at our farmers markets. The cuts we have include bacon, ham, sausage, chops, and ribs. We also offer our farm raised whole chicken broilers, and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Come visit us at the market to learn more about our Meat CSA, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and our farm. Learn more about our farm raised meat on our Products page.


Coming soon - local eggs and farm fresh fruits and vegetables!