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Conscientiously raised local meats, produce, and eggs

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Individual Cuts of Meat


Individual Cuts of Meat



Our local, farm-raised meat is available to purchase as individual cuts. Email tricia@springridgefarm.net or call 508.789.0901 to order.


Available for pick up at farm store.


pork tenderloin ---$9.49/lb


pork chops in 2 or 4 packs ---$6.99/lb


pork roasts (2-5 lbs each) ---$6.49/lb


pork spare ribs ---$5.99/lb


pork country ribs ---$6.49/lb


 sausage links (assorted flavors) ---$9.99/lb


 ground pork ---$5.99

fresh pork belly - $9.99/lb


ham & ham steaks ---$5.49/lb

bacon ---$10.99/lb





Our chickens and turkeys enjoy a life in the fields, protected from local wildlife. They are fed a balanced grain and roam the pasture for whatever they can glean from the ground.


Turkeys are prepared seasonally, at Thanksgiving. 


Chickens are prepared several times a year and are advertised in advance.

Fresh chicken will be available September 15.  We will have fresh chicken at the Shrewsbury Farmers Market September 12. Call ahead to reserve your chickens!

Chickens can be picked up/purchased at the Shrewsbury Farmers Market.  Pre ordering is recommended.

Chicken pot pies made with our chicken!

6" pie:  $10

8" pie:  $14.50




whole chickens  $4.69/lb

bone in turkey breast $7.49/lb

boneless chicken breast $8.99/lb

drumsticks  $4.49/lb

thighs  $5.29/lb

wings  $3.99/lb

whole turkeys  $3.89/lb










Farm Fresh Eggs


Egg production is in full swing!

Call ahead to check availability.  508-789-0901





Baled Hay


We offer baled hay for pick up or delivery.  Some restrictions apply to delivery.


hay:  $6/bale





Call Spring Ridge Farm at 508.789.0901 or email us at for more information.


Lamb Cuts


ground lamb  $8.99/lb


loin chops   $19.99/lb

sausage   $13.99/lb

shank   $8.99/lb

leg of lamb, boned and rolled $ 15.99/lb

rib chops   $17.99/lb

shoulder   $9.99/lb

stew meat   $10.99/lb

kabob meat   $12.99/l

bone-in leg  $14.99/lb