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Conscientiously raised local meats, produce, and eggs

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Individual Cuts of Meat


Individual Cuts of Meat



Our local, farm-raised meat is available to purchase as individual cuts. Email tricia@springridgefarm.net or call 508.789.0901 to order.


Available for pick up at farm store.


pork tenderloin ---$9.49/lb


pork chops in 2 or 4 packs ---$7.99/lb


pork roasts (2-5 lbs each) ---$6.49/lb


pork spare ribs ---$6.49/lb


pork country ribs ---$6.99/lb


 sausage links (assorted flavors) ---$9.99/lb


 ground pork ---$6.29 

fresh pork belly - $10.99/lb


ham & ham steaks ---$5.99/lb

bacon ---$10.99/lb







Our chickens and turkeys enjoy a life in the fields, protected from local wildlife. They are fed a balanced grain and roam the pasture for whatever they can glean from the ground.


Turkeys are prepared seasonally, at Thanksgiving.  


Chickens are prepared several times a year and are advertised in advance.

Next fresh chicken:  


Chicken pot pies made with our meat!

6" pie:  $14.00

8" pie:  $18.00

Pork pies: $20.00

Shepherd's pies $20

BBQ pulled chicken: $15 each

 chicken white bean soup

all soups $13.50/quart


whole chickens  $5.29/lb

boneless chicken breast $9.49/lb

drumsticks  $5.29/lb

thighs  $5.49/lb

wings  $4.89/lb


Farm Fresh Eggs


Currently unavailable

.  508-789-0901







Ventura Grain

all 50 pound bags

layer crumble 16%  $17.50

layer pellets 16% $17.25

chick starter $17.00

broiler grower/finisher $16.95

rabbit 17% $15.75

hog grower 14% $16.95

turkey grower $17.50

sheep/lamb $13.90

goat 16% $13.90

gamebird crumble $16.50

gamebird pellet $16.50

cracked corn $15.00

whole corn $15.00


Call Spring Ridge Farm at 508.789.0901 or email us at for more information.


Lamb is in!

We have all cuts of lamb in stock:

loin chops, rib chops, leg roasts, shank, ground lamb, Greek lamb sausage