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Conscientiously raised local meats, produce, and eggs

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About Spring Ridge Farm



Spring Ridge Farm, located in Boylston, MA, is family owned and operated by Tricia and Mike May. We began our operation selling eggs in 2003, and have grown to add pigs, chickens for meat, and turkeys to our offerings.   In 2013 we also added sheep and beef cattle and baled hay.


We have a Meat CSA in it's sixth year. Visit the Meat CSA page for more details on pick up dates and sign up forms.


We pride ourselves on having a sustainable plan for our farm.  Our animals all have free access to the outdoors.  Some are in fields, some are in the woods.  They eat what they like from the ground plus garden scraps we provide.  They are not treated with any artificial anything, including growth hormones and antibiotics.  We rotate pasture for the health of the animals and the land.  We are learning as we go and try to share what we have learned with others.


We are excited to feed our family and our neighbors with healthy, local food.  Visit our Farmers Markets to learn how to purchase our products.


At Spring Ridge Farm, our priority is to provide local, sustainably raised meats, eggs, and produce. Great care is given to the comfort of our animals. We also enjoy getting to know our customers, and value our relationship.


We sell our meat through our Meat CSA program, and individual cuts are also available to order and pick up at the farm or at the farmers markets we attend. Learn more about our products:

Spring Ridge Farm Meat CSA

Individual Cuts of Meat

Turkeys for Thanksgiving