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Meat CSA

Enjoy our locally raised meat! We are offering a traditional meat CSA and a poultry CSA this year.  And remember, individual cuts of meat are available outside the CSA.  Come to the store and take a look.


What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. In this collaboration, consumers buy shares of a harvest from a farmer at the beginning of a season, which provides income to cover costs of the growing season. In return, consumers receive local, sustainably raised products directly from the farm.

Meat CSA Programs 2021

We have 2 choices this year!

Our CSA programs are sold out for the 2021 season.

Individual cuts of meat are still available year round in the store and by pre-order during the COVID-19 period.


Option 1:Traditional Meat CSA: The program will include 10 pick ups on the farm.  Each pick up will have an option of a week day or Saturday pick up.  We work with your vacations, so don't worry about missing a pick up.  Just let us know when you will be gone and we will make a plan for you to get your treasured meats!  

Traditional program includes:  approximately 30 pounds of assorted pork, 15 pounds of assorted beef (half will be ground beef), 14 chickens (4-5.5 lbs each average), and a turkey(18-20lbs) at Thanksgiving. This is approximately 120 pounds of farm fresh meat!  The total cost for the traditional meat CSA is $875.

A typical pick up might have a package of pork chops, bacon, and ribs plus the whole chicken or two; another might have a prime steak, ground beef, and a  whole chicken or two.

Most pick ups have choices like bacon or sausage, chops or ribs, stew meat or ground meat. You will also have a choice of some soup and pot pies made with our meat and local veggies.

Option 2:  Poultry CSA:  Our new poultry CSA will include 18 chickens(4-5.5lbs average) and a fresh turkey(18-20lbs) at Thanksgiving.  There will be 10 pick ups on the farm for this CSA program too.  As with our traditional program, we will work with your vacations so you don't miss out on your delicious farm fresh meat!  The cost for the poultry CSA is $550.

First CSA pick up:  March 5/6 (returning members)  March 12/13 for new/first time members

Pick up #2:  April 16/17;  pick up #3: May 21/22; pick up #4: June 25/26(new date!); pick up #5: July 9/10; pick up #6: August 20/21; pick up #7: September 24/25; pick up #8: Oct 22/23;  pick up #9: Nov 22/23; pick up #10: December 22/23


How to join our Meat CSA:

Fill out the form below.   You can also email Tricia at tricia@springridgefarm.net . We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments must be made in person.